5 Superheroes That Should Have Their Own Movies Already

Earlier this week our store “huddle” or meeting got derailed by the fact that only four of us showed up and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We’d barely brought up the previous days sales before we abandoned the concept to discus Marvel Studios. One point we touched on was the lack of diversity at which point one co-worker stated that the only superheroine property that Marvel could make profit off of on the big screen was Black Widow because she was already an established supporting character in the franchise.

Said co-worker clearly doesn’t read any comics. Even if he hadn’t admitted so himself, such a statement is enough to give him away as there are many heroines currently and previously headlining their own successful series.

Such a claim isn’t new. I’ve heard he same sentiment repeated in other conversations with other people and there’s no shortage of this opinion on message boards. Even Kevin Feige the head of Marvel studios said earlier this month that there are no plans for a female superhero movie and he” wont be swayed by backlash”.

“We’re going to keep bringing the movies out the way we envision it and the way we believe in it — and that includes diversity in all of the active films” 

When he says diversity he means white men.
When he says ‘diversity’ he means ‘conventionally attractive white men and their black or female sidekicks’.

The idea is that there aren’t any heroines with enough mainstream popularity to lead their own franchise. To this I say: they made a fucking Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. Guardians was pretty obscure even amongst a majority of the comic reading public but that didn’t stop Marvel Studios from taking a chance on a story that featured a semi-talking tree monster and a racoon as key members of the ensemble. Marvel could spare 170 million dollars on a risky property few people had heard of without worrying about taking much of a financial hit, but they can’t do the same for a female character with a larger fan base why?

Marvel Studios is trying to launch an Ant Man franchise for fuck sakes. Ant Man. We’re going to see an Ant Man movie before fucking Wonder Woman is allowed on the big screen without being eclipsed by Superman and Batman fighting each other. Moving beyond gender, does anyone else think it’s weird that we’ve seen more green and blue superheroes adapted than black superheroes or latino superheroes? And the only time you get Asian superheroes is in anime. Seriously, The Hulk, Beast, Nightcrawler, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, Mystic, Gamora…

I'm starting to wonder if there's a casting circle dedicated to hiding Zoe Saldana's race.
I’m starting to wonder if there’s a casting director out there dedicated to hiding Zoe Saldana’s blackness.

Apparently we’re ok with races besides white people as our saviours of the world as long as they don’t actually exist. I don’t get it. I thought everyone loved Blade.

And what’s the excuse executives always give when asked about when we’ll see some diversity in our superhero leads? Some shit about the time not being right. Fuck you. The time is now assholes. These are five superheroes who should have had they’re own movie by now.

Black Panther


He’s one of the most popular black superheroes, if not the most popular black superhero and for good reason: He kicks lots of ass and is one of the greatest minds in the Marvel Universe. King of the super advanced nation of Wakanda T’Challa is a nobel man who’s dedicated his abilities, financial resources and his life to the good of mankind. Blessed with the powers of the panther god, Bast, after defeating his uncle in combat and eating the heart shaped herb.

What are you waiting for kids? Go find some strange plants to eat.
What are you waiting for kids? Go find some strange plants to eat! You wanna be a superhero don’t ya?

T’Challa’s abilities include superhuman senses like hearing and smell, and superhuman strength and agility. He also has his vibranium Black Panther suit which is able to absorb kinetic energy and has been outfitted with Wakandian technology that includes a cloaking device, and anti-metal claws.

A Black Panther origin story could open with the death of T’Challa’s father by Klaw on his mission to steal the rare vibranium metal that enables Wakanda’s technology. T’Challa’s trials to become Black Panther and de-thrown his uncle and end with the invitable return of Klaw. Include T’Challa’s relationship with his older brother Hunter who blames T’Challa for their mother dying in child birth and resents him becoming king.

Thats what we call Game of Thrones level sibling rivalry.

With Hunter, The White Wolf, and his secret police the Hatut Zeraze in the plot and you could have a well rounded story with complex character dynamics and betrayal.

We can play with the timeline a little bit and have the formally hidden Wakanda’s existence exposed to the public after Klaws defeat at the end of the movie and from there we could tie Black Panther into the Avengers. Bam. Take my money.

Wonder Woman


She’s such an iconic figure she needs no introduction. When someone says “Superheroine” 9 times out of 10 she’s who springs to mind. I can’t understate my frustration that it’s 2014 and we have yet to see a Wonder Woman movie. DC/Warner Brothers doesn’t even have one slated. This is bullshit. Sure she’s going to be in Batman Vs Superman but Wonder Woman is one third of the Justice Leagues’ holy trinity for fucks sake and the best she gets is a bit part in her male colleagues film? Batman has 8 movies under his belt and Superman has 6 and Wonder Woman has 0. Get your shit together DC.

Sure she hasn’t always been the most consistent property but she’s an icon, people would pay to see a Wonder Woman movie. She had a successful tv show that ran 3 seasons in the 70’s. You have a script penned by Joss Whedon. Come on. There’s even an animated movie from 2008 that is fucking spectacular. Why can’t they just do that but in live action?

Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel


Rumours of a Ms. Marvel movie have been coming and going for a while now with Katee Sackhoff most recently linked to the role many speculating over a cameo in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. There’s clearly a desire and demand for a Ms. Marvel movie if rumours are so damn persistent. She’s a former Air Force Major, former CIA Agent, and former NASA security director turned superheroine. Needless to say, Carol Danvers was an accomplished badass way before she was infused with Captain Marvel’s Kree powers giving her the ability to fly, super strength, super speed, super durabilty, and being able to shoot photonic blasts from her hands. She’s just all around awesome and deserves all our respect and all our money at the box office.

She punched a dinosaur for fuck sakes.
She punched a dinosaur for fuck sakes.

Starting with Carol taking her position with NASA and overseeing studies of an abandoned Kree robot where she meets Mar-Vell who’s masquerading as Dr. Walter Lawson. She develops a fascination with him sensing he’s hiding something and begins to investigate. Eventually the two fall in love but Mar-Vell’s commander and enemy Yon-Rogg abducts Carol. It’s during the fight with Yon-rogg that Carol’s genetic structure is altered do to a damaged Psyche-Magnitron device becoming Ms. Marvel.

I think it would be fine to take some artistic license and by past Danver’s whole black out, split personality phase and have her come out swinging during the final battle. Even with an origin story that wouldn’t see her get her powers till nearly the end of the movie it would still be worth the time and money if done right and Marvel studios resists the urge to turn Mar-Vell/ Captain Marvel into the main hero. Lets be honest here, no one’s favourite superhero is Captain Marvel.

More like Captain Meh-vel.
More like Captain Meh-vel.

The only reason his series ran as long as it did was for copyright reason over the name Marvel. Might as well kill him during the final battle for an emotional climax that leads to Ms. Marvel claiming the final victory.

Green Lantern (Pretty much anyone other than Hal Jordan)
This one is a cheat. Technically there is a Green Lantern movie, but it sucks and we all know they’re gonna have to do something if they’re heading for Justice League. Lets have the new franchise start like 10 years post Green Lantern and instead of trying to get Ryan Reynolds back when he clearly has no interest, they can use one of the other dozen earth Green Lanterns in DC’s repertoire. Maybe someone a little less white bread?

The cool thing about Green Lantern is that since it’s a position and not a person many characters have taken up the role in sector 2814. As such, there has been a Green Lantern for every colour of earth’s spectrum. In the Mythology the first ever human Green Lantern was Jong Li, a chinese monk. John Stewart is probably the second best known Green Lantern and the Green Lantern I’m most familiar with from more recent cartoons. And the New 52 has outed Alan Scott as Gay. But for the sake of our reboot we should go with Kyle Rayner.

Apparently Rayner’s ethnicity is up for debate on fan forums but I always thought he was Latino. From what I can find canonically he’s been described as half hispanic and half white.

Its unclear is fans see this as an example of a white man loosing his job to a mexican.
There’s one example of a white man loosing his job to a mexican.

I’d argue that Kyle might actually have been the greatest Green Lantern. Unlike previous Green Lanterns Rayner was choosen by chance and had no one to show him how to use the ring. He was the last hope and for a long time the only Green Lantern in the Galaxy until he re-established the Corps. Raynor’s career as an artist gave him the imagination to use the ring in new ways and since his ring was actually experimental he could wear as much yellow as he wanted.

Rayner’s origins would make a kick ass set up for a movie and also cover some plot wholes that bridging Green Lanterns with the up coming DC cinematic universe. Questions like, where were the Green Lantern Corps while Agent Van Alden was trying to destroy earth in Man of Steel? Simple, dead. They were all dead as Man of Steel takes place after Hal Jordan lost his shit and murdered everyone with a green ring.


Is there a better prolog for a reboot than the hero of the previous film straight up killing everybody to hit the undo button?


How do we have two solo Wolverine movies and Storm doesn’t have one? When Fox first announced the prospect of an origins series Magneto and Storm were some of the films fans wanted most. Storm is a fan favourite and for good reason. Storm is a capable leader with a strong will and the power to control the weather. She’s also a skilled combatant and considered to have Omega mutant potential making her a force to be reckoned with. With her first ongoing solo series that came out last July now could be the time to cash in on a X-Men movie with Storm at the helm.

Ororo Munroe’s origins begin with the death of her parents when a plane crashed into their home in Cairo Egypt. Ororo was taken in by a gang of street merchants where she became a master pick pocket. She eventually went in search of her mother’s ancestral home in Kilimanjaro Valley where her mother was a princess. She discovered her abilities while journeying through the Sahara desert and even saved a young T’Challa from kidnappers with whom she developed a romantic interest and would later marry.

Some might same shes started dating down since their separation.
Some might say she’s started dating down since their separation.

When Strom reached Kilimanjaro Valley her mother’s tribe worshipped her as a goddess due to her abilities. It was there with the help of a few members of the X Men that she squared off against Deluge a mutant who shared Ororo’s weather controling powers and was looking for revenge on humanity. Shortly afterward she was recruited by Charles Xavier and became the Storm we know and love.

4 thoughts on “5 Superheroes That Should Have Their Own Movies Already

  1. christybharath August 19, 2014 / 12:25 am

    i want to say something brighter but all i can think is woohooo. No, I think woohoo captures my sentiments exactly!


  2. Bopsterjazz August 25, 2014 / 5:28 pm

    They seriously need to make these movies. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the same movie over and over again and changing the races and genders of current over produced heroes is great and all, but I want better movies about characters like more this. This would just be better.


    • ellemorgan August 27, 2014 / 12:18 pm

      I know what you mean. I remember reading comments about Thor’s title being passed to a woman on of which was along the lines of “I bet the feminists love this”. I would way rather have a character that’s a hero in her own right instead of piggybacking of someone else’s name.


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